Esoteric Prague

A Guide to the Secret History of the City Which Offers Much and Hides Even More
Von: Kuchar, Jiri
Eminent, 2006, 320 S., m. zahlr. Abb., geb. Softcover

ISBN: 978-80-7281-071-0

12,90 €

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Majestic in its ancient architecture, majestic even in historic bondage, with a hundred spires that strive for the sky. Always open to accept the worthy, a magnet for the fulfillment of the spiritual in mankind. A magical city, which reveals much, but veils even more. Esoteric Prague, visited by such personalities like John Dee, Jakob Boehme, W. A. Mozart, Albert Einstein, Thomas A. Edison or Rudolf Steiner, mysterious point where Franz Kafka was born… Contents 132 most important esoteric places.

The book is structured according to the following key areas in Prague and their surroundings:
- Wenceslav Square
- National Street (Narodni Trida)
- The Old Town Square
- The Jewish Quarter
- Charles Bridge
- Little Quarter Square
- Hradcany and Strahov
- Prague Castle
- Charles Square
- Republican Square (Namesty Republiky)

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